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Don No

Four and twenty blackbirds flew down from the sky
Sitting on a parkbench minding my own business high
Now I had never seen a murder of crows
Maybe it happened. Who really knows?

With wild-winded descend up float space-cosmic twins
“Can we have some?” the one on the left begins
“Let me see some I.D. You’re not old enough to talk to a man.”
“We are if my sister says we can..,

Why not do something you said you’d never do?
One wrong turn deserves another… let’s make two.

Back up at my place she’s rolling a joint
Say they get damn good. What was my point?
First taste goes down and I want another
I’m feeming, jonesing like a mother

Never before seen bumping kitties
Never seen something so pretty
Girls on girls and girl on girl galore
Getting paid like a rock & roll whore

I'm eating face down on my plate
Filling and feeling I'm about to satiate
Second taste going down let's have another
She's screaming, moaning like a mother

Waking up it must've been a dream
These days nothing is what it seems
Then I hear giggles down the hall