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Stop, Drop, Roll

So you’re alone
Well you look good
Take off your clothes
That naughty mood
Fun with a mirror
& your fingers
Do you like singers?

yeah yeah I’m a record producer
My my I’ve got a million bucks
D’ya wanna be a hit single seducer
I always go for the young fucks

Such a pretty girl
Your folks should sign the release
I’ll take you around the world
Do you like they do in Rome
Like they do it in Greece

Greasy & tight
You’re such a pleasant crease
& anytime you want me
on my knees

I go down there
Stay for hours
Then baby doll
We’re off to the showers

33,000 feet
and your 15
International laws
over Be’jing

Relaxed Aggresion
Photo Obsession

Contract Aggreement
Wet tongues & cement
Handprints on asses
Breaking of glasses

Me and you
Buck naked in Peru
(waves lap that ass
& so do I)
Sunbaked Salt Slit
Sugar brown eye

Somewhere in Berlin
Commit mortal sin

If only they knew
The things they’d love too
Lipstick review
Costume & no clue