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You've Got Problems

Recorded in 2003 for the MZZL EP.
You’ve Got Problems

You think you’ve got problems
Lay ‘em out, Let’s solve ‘em

Been cleaning up messes
Forth and Fifth time second guesses
Destroy the evidence
Mysterious suspense

I’ve got your Problems
I’ve got your

Problem children at the mall
On hold in a cellular call

Here Kid Brain damage
And you shouldn’t smoke at that age

You can’t believe the expense
To build a big enough fence

I’ve got your solution
Humanimal’s the cause of pollution

Nuclear wasted
Forbidden tasted

Don’t sit to close to the Tele Get a good job at a computer screen

You think you’ve got problems
I know where you bought ‘em

Recuring migrainity Causual insanity
Commercial break Commercial break
Implied profanity Oh, the humanity

I’ve got your nose ©2000MUZZLELOADER/LYLE THARP