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Sisterly's Better

Originally released in 2000 on the album, The Not So Secret Lies of Bobby Scorpio.
Having dreams of sucking myself off
Doc, am I okay?
Wake up sometimes talking to strangers
Who are you’d you say?

She said, “A star that fell from heaven
The keys to the abyss
From my smoke emerges the locusts
Have a hit of this.”

Everything goes out of focus
All except her eyes
I can feel the Red Sea parting
Her hands on both our thighs

Split between the eternal options
the yes and then the no’s
By the time she gets my head straight
She says, "Done. Let's go."

Mama warned of park benches
Illicit drugs and cheap wenches
Naughty girls with bad intentions
But there were two things she didn’t mention

Two above Two below
And I’ve got my one to grow
I love my girl Her little sister
She’s out of town
And so I kissed her

Slow hand slips Soft grips
Sense no resistance
Smooth lips Soft hips
Wet with insistence
She speaks My lover peaks
Her head into the room
Bed squeaks Room reeks
With sex, smoke and perfume

One in each hand Two in each eye
Raised up Sky high
I cuddle up inside their sweater
Brotherly love

Sisterly’s better
Sisterly’s better
Sisterly’s better